A note about methodology:
We chose high quality nonfiction literature in the social sciences and humanities which depicts people of African descent, Hispanics and Latino/as, Native Americans, Asians and Asian Americans. We consulted an array of sources, including award and honor lists, reputable bloggers, and publishers’ front and back lists. In some cases, we wrote the annotations ourselves after viewing the book, but in many more cases we used annotations available at existing sources.

While you know the maturity and skills of your reader best, we used the following general age guidelines:

  • early: (approximately 0-4 years)
  • primary: (approximately 4-8 years)
  • intermediate: (approximately (8-11 years)
  • advanced: (approximately 12 and up)

Accuracy and cultural authenticity are important factors to consider when compiling a book list of this nature. We have attempted to make sure that each book accurately tells a facet of historical and contemporary life among people of color and Native Americans in authentic ways.